Dogwifhat To Tumble? Analyst Sets $1 Target For WIF

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Dogwifhat (WIF), nan memecoin sensation that took nan crypto marketplace by large wind during Q1, has followed Bitcoin’s caller downturn. As nan dog-themed token faces a value diminution of complete 10%, immoderate crypto analysts see that a extremity astatine $1 whitethorn beryllium nan adjacent target for WIF.

Is The Hat Still On?

Dogwifhat was nan talk of nan municipality earlier this twelvemonth aft becoming 1 of nan starring champions of nan Q1 memecoin frenzy. The token had a 95,000% “turbo parabolic” tally from $0.004773 to its all-time precocious (ATH) of $4.58 astatine nan extremity of March.

Since then, WIF has hovered betwixt nan $2.3 and $3.7 value range, concisely testing nan $4 guidance level astatine nan extremity of May. Its astir caller capacity has led crypto expert Bluntz to group a $1 target for nan memecoin.

In an X post, nan expert and trader stated that WIF’s descent to nan $1 prince scope is “inevitable.” According to Bluntz’s chart, nan token displays a macro five-wave impulse followed by nan statement of an a,b,c zig-zag pattern.

To nan analyst, “the scheme hasn’t changed,” but nan b activity “took longer than initially thought.” Additionally, he group nan target for nan c activity betwixt nan $1 and $2 value range, which should connection a “generational bargain opportunity” to investors.

WIF WIF’s c activity is predicted to scope nan $1 value range. Source: Bluntz connected X

Nonetheless, nan analyst’s seemingly bearish forecast is based connected his erstwhile bullish prediction. To Bluntz, nan memecoin will importantly retrace earlier nan “next parabolic leg” that could spot WIF scope a caller ATH.

According to crypto trader Otsukimi, WIF’s floor plan exhibits a coagulated performance. To nan trader, it “shows a coagulated past guidelines pinch a inclination support alongside nan mid of nan analyzable range.”

Moreover, he considers WIF’s bullish consolidation to beryllium “very wide,” which makes a bounce backmost from its existent levels possible.

Elon WIF Hat

As nan week started, Dogwifhat was acknowledged by X proprietor and ‘Dogefather’ Elon Musk. During a unrecorded stream, Musk claimed having heard of nan memecoin sensation earlier changing nan topic. “Yes, I person heard of dogWiFihat, dogwifhat,” he said.

The crypto organization quickly shared nan news and speculated whether Musk liked nan token. One personification claimed, “You tin show he had much to opportunity but stopped himself.”

Others were expectant of nan effect nan mention could person successful nan memecoin’s price. The ‘Musk Effect’ didn’t scope WIF, arsenic nan token continued hovering betwixt nan $2.65-$2.8 range.

However, Musk’s effect propelled a quickly created dogwifihat (WIFIHAT). The token surged by 6,200% successful nan hours pursuing nan unrecorded stream, going from $0.00007048 to $0.004506. WIFIHAT saw a short-lived rally arsenic it shredded complete 95% of its gains successful nan past 24 hours.

WIF has besides seen a diminution of 14.6% connected nan past day, trading astatine $2.44 astatine nan clip of writing. This performance represents a 26.3% and 18% alteration successful nan play and monthly timeframes. Nonetheless, nan token’s marketplace activity has seen a 76.1% summation successful nan past 24 hours, pinch a regular trading measurement of $705.6 million.

WIF, WIFUSDT, crypto, memecoinDogwifhat’s capacity successful nan play chart. Source: WIFUSDT connected TradingView

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