Analyst Predicts Major Gains for These Altcoins But Warn Against XRP and ADA

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Analyst Predicts Major Gains for These Altcoins But Warn Against XRP and ADA

Samuel Edyme

Samuel Edyme

Meet Samuel Edyme, Nickname - HIM-buktu. A web3 contented writer, journalist, and aspiring trader, Edyme is arsenic versatile arsenic they come. With a knack for words and a chemoreceptor for trends, he has penned pieces for galore manufacture player, including AMBCrypto, Blockchain.News, and Blockchain Reporter, among others.

Edyme’s foray into nan crypto beingness is thing short of cinematic. His travel began not pinch a triumphant investment, but pinch a scam. Yes, a Ponzi strategy that utilized crypto arsenic costs roped him in. Rather than retreating, he emerged wiser and much determined, channeling his acquisition into complete 3 years of insightful marketplace analysis.

Before becoming nan sound of logic successful nan crypto space, Edyme was nan quintessential crypto degen. He aped into thing that promised a speedy buck, thing ape-able, learning nan ropes nan difficult way. These hands-on acquisition done awesome marketplace events—like nan Terra Luna crash, nan activity of bankruptcies successful crypto firms, nan notorious FTX collapse, and moreover CZ’s arrest—has honed his keen consciousness of marketplace dynamics.

When he isn’t crafting engaging crypto content, you’ll find Edyme backtesting charts, studying some forex and synthetic indices. His dedication to mastering nan creation of trading is arsenic relentless arsenic his pursuit of nan adjacent large story. Away from his screens, he tin beryllium recovered successful nan gym, airpods in, moving retired and listening to his favourite artist, NF. Or possibly he’s catching immoderate Z’s aliases scrolling done Elon Musk’s very ain X platform—(oops, different surface activity, my bad…)

Well, being an introvert, Edyme thrives successful nan integer realm, preferring online relationship complete offline encounters—(don’t judge, that’s conscionable really he is built). His determination is rather unwavering to beryllium honest, and he embodies nan accuracy of continuous improvement, aliases “kaizen,” striving to beryllium 1% amended each day. His mantras, “God knows best” and “Everything is still connected track,” bespeak his resilient outlook and really he lives his life.

In a nutshell, Samuel Edyme was calved efficient, driven by ambition, and possibly a touch fierce. He’s neither creator nor unrealistic, and surely not chauvinistic. Think of him arsenic Bruce Willis successful a train wreck—unflappable. Edyme is for illustration trading successful your car for a jet—bold. He’s nan feline who’d inquire his leader for a salary trim conscionable to beryllium a point—(uhhh…). He is for illustration watching your kid return his first steps. Imagine Bill Gates struggling pinch rent—okay, possibly that’s a stretch, but you get nan idea, yeah. Unbelievable? Yes. Inconceivable? Perhaps.

Edyme sees himself arsenic a reasonably reasonable guy, albeit a spot stubborn. Normal to you is not to him. He is not nan 1 to return nan easy road, and why would he? That’s conscionable not nan measurement he roll. He has these favourite lyrics from NF’s “Clouds” that resonate profoundly pinch him: “What you think's astir apt unfeasible, I've done already a hundredfold.”

PS—Edyme is HIM. HIM-buktu. Him-mulation. Him-Kardashian. Himon and Pumba. He moreover had his DNA tested, and conjecture what? He’s 100% Him-alayan. Screw it, he ate nan opp.

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